DSLR Dynamics Tour

In this modern age of the digital filmmaker, DSLR’s make it so easy to see your vision come to life on the screen.  There is now a complete industry for DSLRs and the equipment that works in tandem with them.  New equipment to learn along side the classics.  What’s impressive about the DSLR Dynamics Tour is that it gives you all the tools to become a professional DSLR videographer/ cinematographer.  All you need to do is sit back and listen and soak up all the goodness as DSLR expert Barry Andersson, explains all types of equipment starting with their purpose as well as the best products that are out there for the best price. 

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Book Review - Master Shots Vol. 3

              If you are an inspiring cinematographer, Master Shots Vol 3 teaches you to see like a director and shoot like a professional on a low-budget and tight timeline.  Christopher Kenworthy is the author of all the best selling Master Shot books, which give you amazing insight and detail into the art of Cinematography. 

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Book Review - Preparing for Takeoff

       Have you ever been watching a good movie but thought, “that was missing something?”  What most likely happened was there wasn’t enough preproduction involved.  It’s something that cannot be overlooked and thought of as unimportant or “we can take care of that during production.”  Preproduction makes or breaks a film and Arthur Vincie gives us everything we need, to actually know what we are doing in Preparing for Takeoff. 

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Book Review - The Guerrilla Guide to Moviemaking

As a student filmmaker, it’s difficult to make your film look like it cost thousands of dollars when in reality it cost a couple hundred.   That’s the key in filmmaking right, to trick the audience with smoke and mirrors?  The better you are at that, the more impressive your film will become.

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Book Review - Filmmaking

            Jason Tomaric’s book, Filmmaking: Direct your movie from script to screen using proven Hollywood techniques, teaches exactly that.  Making a movie is a daunting task!  The difficult part is knowing where to start.  Jason takes us step by step through the writing process and helps us get a solid foundation to start building, not only a great film, but a successful career as well. 

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