Libby makes the front page of the OC Register AGAIN

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O.C. filmmaker wows Cannes, N.Y., herself

You can easily guess the first couple of lines from a faux script we'll call "Libby Blood's Big Adventure."

It's a road movie, of sorts, telling the story of a 19-year-old filmmaker from Fullerton, Libby Blood, and the trip she and her family took to support "Lucy," the short film she entered at this year's Cannes International Film Festival.


We see an animated airplane follow a dotted line across part of the globe, from Los Angeles, over the Atlantic and finally to Nice, France. As the plane flies, we listen to ...


"When we left her, our plucky heroine, Libby Blood, along with part of her family, had packed their bags and taken flight for Cannes – though where they would sleep remained a mystery!"

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Libby makes the front page of the OC Register

When Libby Blood decided to make a short film inspired by her younger brother's autism, you can imagine how sweetly everyone who knew her greeted the 19-year-old filmmaker's plans. Naming the film "Lucy" felt right too – her brother's name is Luke – and setting the film in France in 1939, well, every director has the right to a bit of artistic license, doesn't she?

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Quotes for Lucy

"I'm speechless.  This is unbelievable stuff.  A terrific slice of magic realism.  There isn't a frame out of place.  I loved the colors, I love the setting, and I loved the effects - I actually gasped when the room flooded.  It's the type of thing that could be really twee in the wrong hands, but what's so impressive is how the director maintains this really eccentric tone that's dark and whimsical at the same time.  The production values, the edits, the music -- this is amazing stuff."
- Tim Ryan 
Senior Editor for Rotten Tomatoes
“Production design feels very fanciful and authentic at the same time.”
- Suzanna Otting
Spiritual Cinema Circle Inc.

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The Matador Messenger Featured Article

Libby Blood:  Award Winning El Dorado Filmmaker

“I have always loved the movies and being creative.  This is mostly because I grew up in a movie theater, so I was constantly around it.  My dad ran a small chain of movie theaters called Captain Blood’s.  He is the ultimate fan of the movies and opened our eyes, and always supported his kid’s possible futures in cinema,” explained Libby Blood, award-winning filmmaker. 

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The Making of LUCY

“My barriers are not my limits; they are my stepping stone to greatness.” It all started with this quote and became the theme of Lucy and the making of.

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